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Skogen bakom muren (roman)


Bootsen (kortnovell)


Novembermåne (novell)

Tidningen Kulturen

Den stumma räven (novell)

Skogskrogen (novell)

Rödvinsfläckar (novell)

The Meadowland Review

Thistle Down (novell)
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Poppy Road Review

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Rufous Salon 

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White Clover (kortnovell)


(Rufous Press’ print publication Lush contains poetry by John Swain, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jennifer Lemming, Kevin Ridgeway, Rachel Kellum, Akeith Walters, Tobi Cogswell, Elvis Alves, David Svenson, Ariane Lewis, Cameron Scott, prose poetry by bruno neiva and prose by Matt Galletta, Jenny Enochsson and Ande Enochsson.)

”The poetry and prose in Lush span an arc of joy–rough and delicate, lasting and immediate.” – Kathleen Maher

”Lush is an exquisite collection, brimming with the palatial richness of summer’s luster. Like watching August light reveal the veins in shady leaves, the pieces in Lush remind us that this season of warmth is also meta-palace of memory where the scent of clover can unveil a forgotten moment or shadows on water can stir a desire long hidden within. Once again, Rufous Press has produced a thoughtful and exciting compilation of new voices.” – Megan Duffy, Editor of The Meadowland Review

Over Yonder

With a Springy Step (kortnovell)

Juniperus Flamenco 

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Juniperus Flamenco

(A collection of poems in English written by Swedish writers Jenny and Ande Enochsson. Both authors have been published in literary magazines and other publications. The couple maintains the online literary journal Rufous Salon.)

”Any collection of contemporary poetry would be incomplete without this book. Both Ande and Jenny employ evocative imagery with a simplistic touch of complex thoughts and ideas. Their multilayered writing will astonish the reader with each page containing a treasure.” – Akeith Walters

”The poems that make up Ande and Jenny Enochsson’s wonderful collection Juniperus Flamenco linger within the mind begging to be read over and over again. They have a beautiful dreamlike quality to them, a tremendous wealth of concise and gorgeous language that lingers long after that first reading. The verses are vibrant and heartfelt. They are at times hilarious but always graceful, filled with all of the richness that only great poetry has to offer.” – Kevin Ridgeway, author of Burn through Today

Fosebook: Smokestack

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Fosebook: Summer 2010

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Cleaves Journal

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Blue & Yellow Dog 

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Catapult to Mars

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